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I often feel sad when I see the nonsense that people write about health & safety laws. It seems that when any organisation, event organiser or group wants to avoid doing something they site health & safety as the reason for not doing it. I despair when I see individuals flaunting everyday health and safety rules because they simply can’t be bothered or refuse to acknowledge the risk. The great thing is that lots of people have been saved by these laws, the tragic thing is that many had to die or be injured before they were introduced.

Thinking about risk -  one of the key activities for many organisations is a risk assessment. In fact when you think about it we as individuals do risk assessments all the time. We are doing them unconsciously and instinctively. The challenge is that we all class ‘risk’ differently. Think about when you are driving a car and someone pulls out in front of you – their idea of risk and yours is different. How many times do you see people crossing the road only feet from a crossing – so they are prepared to take a risk – would you?

When you look at this you can see why we need rules and regulations. They are there to standardise the risk and to protect everyone.

We were once doing a survey of a facility that used gas to power various pieces of equipment. The business had grown so new equipment had been purchased and placed in an adjacent building. When we arrived on site everything looked well organised and in order until one of our team noticed a plastic pipe running between the two buildings. When asked what the pipe was for we were told it was a temporary gas pipe. The site was immediately closed and evacuated until gas engineers could replace the plastic pipe. At any time the pipe could have been damaged and caused an explosion but someone on site thought the risk was worth taking – what do you think?

So keep you and your colleagues safe and sound by following your businesses health & safety rules and regulations. If you have any doubts about your Health & Safety policies Atlantic Bridge can review them and, if necessary, make recommendations for improvement.


Atlantic Bridge are specialists in Health & Safety offering risk assessments to make your business safe for those who work there and anyone else who visits.