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The Construction Products Regulations (formerly the Construction Products Directive ( CPD) , 89/106/EEC), applies to any product which is produced for incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works, including building materials, pipework and fittings, fixings, sealants, cements and mortars etc. Please contact us for advice on the applicability of the regulations to your products

Under the CPR, CE Marking is required to all products, some of which have specific harmonized standards (ENs) published, but others will need to be checked and or tested.

Please contact us for more information.

Competent Authorities

The EU has listed companies with the ability to test and or inspect products for compliance against the regulations and a list can be obtained from the EU web site.

Declaration of Performance

Each product will need a Declaration of Performance.

Structural Steelwork to BS EN 1090-1

This requirement came into effect on 1st July 2014. It is a legal requirement and could result in work being rejected either by your client or the regulatory authorities.

The scope is still being ratified but will cover most items that are fabricated and form part of a structure and may include some supports.

You will need to implement a FPC (Factory production Control System) to be assessed by a Notified Body. There are several Notified Bodies available and it is important to obtain proposals from several as prices may be quite different.

If you already has a system to ISO9001 you can incorporate the FPC into your existing process  but remember if your current system is not accredited by a Notified Body you may need to change your accreditation company or end up paying twice.

You will need to name a welding coordinator who should be trained  to BS 3834 or equivalent. details of his previous experience and qualifications would form part of the assessment by the Notified Body.

Initially it may be wise to produce a stand alone FPC, obtain accreditation and then incorporate it into any existing system afterwards.

If you need help and advice on the content of a system and more information on the scope of the requirements, please contact us , in the first instance by email.

You should initiate application urgently to demonstrate your commitment to meeting the regulations, this may reduce some pressure especially as some elements of the scope have just been published.