Electromagnetic Compatibility

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EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

Coverage: apparatus liable to cause electromagnetic disturbance or the performance of which is liable to be affected by such disturbance.

'Apparatus' is defined, for the purposes of the Regulations, as an electrical or electronic appliance or system consisting of a finished product or products having an intrinsic function which is intended for the end user, and is supplied or intended for supply or taken into service or intended to be taken into service as a single commercial unit.

'Electromagnetic disturbance' is defined as 'any electromagnetic phenomenon which may degrade the performance of a device, unit of equipment or system. An electromagnetic disturbance may be electromagnetic noise, an unwanted signal or a change to the propagation medium itself'. Thus all electromagnetic frequencies are involved and all electromagnetic phenomena as set out in Annex A of this document and Schedule 2 of the Regulations.

Compliance is by passing tests to the applicable harmonised standards. It is important to ensure that the test house is competent to conduct the tests which may include:

  • Electro-static Discharge
  • Immunity from the Electro-magnetic Environment
  • Emissions of electro-magnetic fields into the atmosphere
  • Conducted emissions into the power supplies