BS EN ISO 14001 - Environmental Management

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You want to advertise your green credentials to your customers?

You can make a statement and introduce measures to reduce your carbon footprint and waste streams.

You can go further and introduce an Environmental Management System to ISO14001 to promote your green credentials.

A policy statement is always a good starting point and this should be advertised prominently,

Carry out an environmental review of the premises and the business to identify your current environmental aspects and impacts to enable a plan to be configured to manage the aspects, always looking to see if there are opportunities where changes to the work environment could lead to cost savings. E.g. low output low voltage lighting.

Ensure your improvement targets are document and regularly checked to ensure yo can demonstrate on-going commitment to reducing your impacts

Obtain a buy-in from staff, you may be surprised how keen some staff are to identify areas where you can reduce your environmental impact and this can often lead to cost benefits.

If you are under pressure to implement a system to meet BS ISO 14001 and you already have a system to BS EN ISO9001, to upgrade is relatively straight forward, if you do not have a management system already assessed, then you will need to implement a full system with the associated costs and time scales.

If you wish to either display your green credentials with the basis of an Environmental Management System or implement an Environmental Management System either linked to an existing Quality management System to ISO9001 or a standalone system,

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