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All standards are reviewed every five years to check that they are appropriate to current market trends and to harmonise with other standards.

ISO9001:2015 is due shortly but you should have up to 3 years to convert so do not panic now, wait for the final release of the standard before you embark on any changes, and yes it is likely to be more focused on business risks than previously.

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Atlantic Bridge will be monitoring progress of this revision and keeping you up to date on how it practically effects your business.

Does your organisation need a European Representative?

If you want to sell a CE marked product in the EEC and do not have a base there - then the answer is YES

Most of the CE Marking Directives require the manufacturer to use an Authorised Representative who is based in the European Union.

This authorised representative will, as set out in the Directives:

  • Hold copies of your documentation
  • Have copies available for inspection by statutory authorities
  • Under some directives such as Class 1 Medical Devices the authorised representative is notified to the competent authority and has legal responsibilities under the directives
  • In some circumstances the Authorised Representative may be required to counter-sign your Declaration of Conformity and or be part of your Quality Management Assessment

Here at Atlantic Bridge Limited we can take on the role of Authorised representative.

In addition Atlantic Bridge has an extensive network of contacts that their clients have access to.

The CE marking for structural steelwork came into force on 1 July 2014. There are still some questions about scope and responsibilities but we are hoping to get some guidance from the regulatory authorities shortly. The following article looks at this are in detail.

What is your experience in the construction field?

What has your business done to ensure compliance?

What are your burning questions?

We would be interested to hear from any company who has been affected by this standard.