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With the recent changes to the First aid regulations it is important that you select Competent Companies to carry out the training. The HSE no longer certifies Companies but any First Aid Training provider must have systems in place to prove they deliver the required course, and have a means of evaluating Customer comments etc. This can be best achieved by any provider having an ISO9001 assessment by a UKAS accredited certificate.

As a reminder: -Workplaces such as small offices (low risk workplaces) should, as a minimum, have a first aid kit and an appointed person who would take charge of first-aid arrangements including calling emergency services if needed. All employees must have information about first-aid arrangements supplied by their employer.

A trained first aider is more likely to be needed in workplaces that have increased health and safety risks. These companies needs to do assessments to help them decide the type of first aid arrangements they need to protect their employees.

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