The GPSD is not a CE marking Directive, but is aimed at ensuring that consumer products placed on the EU market are safe. Some standards have now been issued which, if complied with, mean those particular products conform to the Directive.



The GPSD covers any product which is intended for consumers or likely, under reasonably foreseeable conditions, to be used by consumers whether new, used or reconditioned. Such products are required to be safe under foreseeable use, servicing and maintenance.



Compliance is by meeting ENs harmonised to the Directive, National Standards, EC guidance, Safety codes and customer’s expectations of safety as they apply. The producer is expected to supply sufficient information for the user to use the product safely.


Risk Assessment

Producers are required to determine the risks, and to inform users of any risks.


Reporting of Unacceptable Risks

Where producers and distributors know or ought to know, that a product poses risks that are incompatible with the general safety requirement, they shall immediately inform the competent authorities.